Have you ever wanted to purchase an item, but could not afford it? Many people love shopping, but they often feel bad after purchasing an item. I personally hate going shopping because I feel so bad afterwards. I work hard for my money and spending it is never fun. I will discuss if coupons influence my purchasing decisions.

Coupons do influence my purchasing decisions. Shopping is always better if you have coupons in your hand. I am one of those people who will only go shopping if I have a coupon, gift card, or the store is having a sale. Coupons are basically free money. What isn’t there to like about them?

 I was lucky enough to have grown up with a mom who is big into coupons. Since I was little, I have always watched her cut coupons out of the newspaper or magazines. She often only buys items that she has a coupon for. The best kinds of coupons are the ones where you buy one and then get one free. Those coupons are the ones that my mom uses the most. I have really long hair and often use all my conditioner long before my shampoo is out. With coupons, my mom is able to buy two conditioners for the price of one. This way, I do not feel so bad using all the conditioner that I do.

I have also learned a lot about using coupons by watching television shows. There is a lot of television shows that feature people who only buy items with coupons. They get hundreds of items and only have to end up paying a few dollars. To some, this looks like a waste. It may be at times, but if you use the items that you buy, that is a great deal. I have also seen people who buy items in bulk and then donate the items they do not use to shelters. My family has bought food items in bulk before and donated the ones we didn’t need to our local food pantry. Poverty is a big problem in the world and using a simple thing like coupons can help prevent that.

Coupons helped me purchase something that I have wanted for a long time. I had been saving up for a North Face jacket and I knew that it was way too expensive. I kept my eye out for a long time and eventually saw a coupon that paid for a bit of the jacket. I had gift cards saved up also, so I was able to buy the jacket without using money out of my pocket. If it was not for that coupon, I still would not have a North Face jacket.

Coupons are huge in helping people when it comes to buying food. I am going to be a college student next year and I know how expensive food can be when you are a poor college student. My mom often uses many coupons to buy food. My family lives in a small town in the middle of oil field county. Food here is constantly going up in price. Coupons have helped my family out a lot. We are able to buy a lot more food for a smaller price.

Coupons help the companies selling the items get repeated business. People who buy an item for cheaper, while using a coupon, are often going to go back and get that item again. Coupons also have expiration dates, which causes people to go back and buy that item again more quickly. Companies that hand out coupons makes buyers want to buy their product even more. This causes consumption to go up and the company to make more money. This is a win-win for every individual involved.

Overall, coupons are the best thing out there. They help your family and friends save a lot of money. They also give the company they are buying from more business. Coupons have always influenced if I will purchase an item or not. I am going to use coupons forever, so I can save my hard earned cash. I am beyond thankful to have grown up in a family that uses coupons and I am thankful that I live in a world that offers coupons.

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