One show that seems absolutely ludicrous to me is extreme couponing. The amount of time these people take to save up and go through all the coupons, then walk around the store finding every single item just seems ridiculous! I’ve got to had it to the people that take the time to do it because it, does save them money.  Is it worth all that time? Do they get what they really want out of their purchases?

My grandmother is one of those extreme couponers; she has a lot of coupons, but she doesn’t necessary use them. She has them all around her house, and the backseat of her car are filled with them! Coupons, coupons everywhere!  Whenever the mail comes, and she gets the magazine or a newspaper has coupons in it, she sits at the kitchen table cutting them out one by one for a half an hour, hour, or even longer, just cutting out coupons!  She even sits on her computer for hours looking for coupons before she goes to the grocery store, and then, when there she has to take the time and find all the food or supplies she has a coupon for. One trip to the grocery store takes up her whole entire day! What does she get with these coupons? If she gets lucky some of the coupons are for things she actually uses, but most of the time it’s just a bunch of canned food items that she wouldn’t have bought if it wasn’t for the coupon. Sure, ten caned beans for the price of three is a good deal, but who is going to eat all of that? Anytime we go out to Joann Fabrics, or another craft store she has me looking through all the coupons in her car to find maybe one or two that are still valid. Sometimes, she gets good deals, and that makes her very happy.  But is all of that time worth it?

I’m definitely not an extreme couponer. Maybe, if I tried to save or find coupons before going to the grocery store or the mall, I’d save a little more money, but I’d rather spend my time differently. Instead of cutting out coupons for hours like my grandma, I do, however, use some coupons. I love Victoria Secret!  I like their stuff, but it is pricey. When I get that free seamless little panty coupon in the mail, I make sure I go before it’s expired! Who wouldn’t want to get themselves some free sexy underwear?  Coupons are great and I’m glad most stores have them, but the thing about coupons, (unless you are an extreme couponer), is that most people end up throwing them away, losing them, or not using them before they expire.

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Another problem with coupons is that it’s never really the stuff you want. At least in my case, for example, whenever I go to shopping at Meijer, I receive lots of new coupons when I check out, but the coupons are for a bunch of items I don’t even buy!  For the most part, coupons are for those things people don’t really even buy.  By all means, if you get a coupon in the mail for free food, you might as well get it, but you’ll probably just end up with a bunch of caned beans or food you don’t normally buy.

So the question is, “Do coupons really influence your purchasing decision?” For me, no. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they are great, but I don’t need them, and I don’t rely on them to do my shopping. By the time it would take for me to go online, print out coupons, or cut them out, it’d be pointless because when the time comes to actually go to the store, I would have probably left the coupons at home, or they are expired.  I also don’t want to dedicate a whole day to go to the grocery store, like my Grandma does.  Coupons can save money, but they don’t influence me on what I do or don’t buy. It would be nice to get a buy one semester, get one free coupon though.