Coupons do influence my purchasing decisions. Sometimes they are useful, while other times I don’t think they are necessarily helpful in my current situation.My mom used to use coupons all the time growing up and even though I’ve tried to fight it and swore I would never use them, I do tend to use them now. As a kid who’s planning for the future and concerned with balancing payments for my car payments, cell phone bill, books, college tuition and etc., saving as much money as I can is definitely a concern for me. Coupons can save you a lot of money, but other times they’re just a pain.

For high school and college students, I think that coupons can be very helpful, and other times not be worth the hassle. If you happen to get a few coupons in the mail and use them for items you already need, they’re extremely helpful. Even just sitting down and deciding which coupons you need and which ones you might want to save for later is definitely a good idea. Saving money on items that you already would purchase is never a bad idea. Even if you have to buy an excess of an item to get the discount, if it’s an item you regularly use, I think it’s worth the excess. In the end, you’ll eventually end up using all of the item as long as it isn’t a food that spoils easily.

On the other hand,if you Cutting out a ton of coupons to save on a bottle of shampoo that you don’t usually use or to save twenty cents when you buy thirty razors isn’t worth the effort in my opinion. In cases like this, in my opinion, you’re wasting what little money you have for groceries and expenses on items you may never end up using, which then go to waste. Using coupons on a regular basis is also very time consuming. When I was growing up, my mom would spend a lot of time cutting out coupons from the weekly paper, organizing them into a binder, and then matching them up with sales, special promotions and items that she had on her grocery list for the week. You really have to know what you’re doing. It takes a lot of time to sit down and sort through which coupons could have discounts that apply to you and your needs. It also takes a lot of math to calculate how much you’ll be saving and determine how many of each item you have to purchase in order to save or possibly even make a profit off of the groceries or supplies that you are buying. It also takes a lot of patience, organization, and planning once you get to the actual store itself. I remember whenever I went with my mom that sometimes it would take two to two and a half hours a store trip if she had coupons just based on the way that she bought and went through items on her list. She had this little binder where she kept all of the coupons, a grocery list naming all of the items that she needed along with which ones had coupons and where they could be located, and last came my job: the used coupon holder. I of course had the most important job because if I lost or happened to drop any coupons that she needed, it would be off with my head.

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So although coupons can be helpful, they can also be a pain. Growing up in the household I did with an avid, experienced couponer though, I do tend to use them. Even when I don’t use them or happen to forget my discount at home, I tend to think about how much I could be saving or how I could’ve gotten more than just one product. In the end, it comes down to the individual. I think it just depends on how much money you have, if you want to take the time to sit down and think about how much money you could be saving and coordinate your next shopping trip, and how you were raised. I’ve decided that even though I don’t like coupons, I do use them. What will you decide?