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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Alejandra G.

To some people coupons are very important, but to me they are not my case. I have three reasons why I do not like coupons. First, they don’t give I want. The second reason is, they have a limit and the third one is, it is too much hassle. Most people use the coupons to save money, but is it worth going through all of these troubles. I feel that those people that use coupons are always making plans. They do the math of how many items they will buy per coupon and what will be their final total to pay if it is free or you pay a less than five dollars for the product/s you get. I know all of this because I have seen extreme couponing on TLC. I guess it is nice that you get to pay less money and get a lot of material, but I feel that this is some addiction. I have seen on extreme couponing that people go and use the coupons, do their plans, and go shopping for deals without them needing any of the products they will get. They just go and buy it or get it because it is a good deal with the coupon and they know that they will save money. I do not want to go through all of that.

I don’t use coupons because I can’t get what I want. Coupons are for certain products. For example, some coupons are for food, clothing, car supplies, home goods, and more; but what I am looking for specifically they don’t have it. Another thing is that coupons don’t have what I am looking for. I feel that coupons are made for things that costumers don’t buy, so they see that by making coupons their merchandise will sell. The coupons that come from my mail are not useful for me because they don’t offer what I want. Most people get what coupons offer because they are so addictive to it, but they don’t need them. I feel that if I do this I will waste my money because I will not have any extra space where to put the extra merchandise and I will not use it, so why buy something you will not use. If extra merchandise is purchased my house will be full of junk which will cause me money and time.

Coupons are not my thing because they always have a limit. One of these limits is how many things you are allowed to get with one coupon. This limit could be two t-shirts. And if you are like me that does not get satisfied with two t-shirts, then you would want to get more things. I sometimes ask myself “what is the point of having a coupon if you can’t get a certain or less product? For example, I want to buy some cute shoes, which are priced at one-hundred dollars and I only have a coupon for ten percent, well there will not be a big difference of discount because the coupon will not help at all. I will still have to pay a lot of money for those shoes that I want. Another reason is how much the coupon is worth. If a coupon is worth five or ten percent, which I think that are the lowest they go. I do not want to buy something that is expensive and the coupon will not reduce the price. The last limit is where you get to a certain point of addiction. You get addicted that every coupon you get you will go for that offer even though you don’t need it. I think this is passing over the limit.

The last and main reason why I don’t use coupons is because it is too much hassle. The first thing is that you have to find are coupons that have what you are looking for. For example, if I am looking for a great deal and I want to save a lot of money on what I saw, which were some cute shoes, I would first look for the coupons that the shoes are being offered. This can take me a lot of time and by the way once I find the coupon it may be too late because the offer may expire. Another problem is if you have the coupon, you got to know that you need to find the product. You also got to make sure that you meet the store and coupon regulations to get the product. And you can’t pass over the limit because then it won’t be a deal. One last thing is to make sure you did your math right. Couponing has math because you got to make calculations on how many products you can cover with the coupon. If you did one mistake then everything during check-out will go wrong and you may end up paying.

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Coupons are not my thing because it is too much hassle, they have a limit, and I don’t get the product I want. Using coupons requires math and organization. I would not be able to get the item I want because I may not be available in the coupon.

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