Couponing, not something I was interested before I started college in the fall of 2014. Honestly how many teenagers think coupons are important? Not many, especially me I did not care what the price was nor if my parents saved money as long as I had what I wanted, I knew my mother was going to buy it for me. Soon after I started college, living on my own I began appreciating the value of coupons because I need all the extra money I can get. Coupons are very useful when purchasing food for my snack self or wanting to buy a decent brand of toilet paper so I would not have to use the sandpaper kind. Take advantage of coupons they do come in handy but before you go check out make sure you read the coupon and you’re buying what the coupon says. I learned my lesson, when the coupon says 12 oz bottle Pepsi really means 12 oz not a 2 liter bottle!

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