Saving is hardly ever used in a bad light. In fact, doctors, firefighters, and soldiers are all honored for the many lives that are still in the land of the living. Of course, this all stems from our mighty Savior, Jesus Christ, who gives salvation to have life and life more abundantly; this age and the next. So, of course, even the rich desire to not spend everything they have. For the firefighter will still carry the elderly couple out of the burning building without even thinking in his mind, “They’ve lived a long life, so therefore, to go and save them is a waste of time”. The soldier doesn’t say, “Oh well. These children aren’t Americans. Let’s leave them, or destroy them”. In the hospitals, the doctors don’t turn away a patient just because their wrist hurts. So, there are rich, and there are poor. But, they all want to save.

As a college student who has yet to begin internships, when shopping is done, it is usually done on a fixed budget. I’m sure I can relate to many in this aspect. Yeah, when I have three hundred dollars in my pocket to pay for attire for a banquet, a coupon is what I would show to the cashier. I could buy the two hundred and seventy-nine dollar suit. But, if this ten percent off coupon is for the two hunded dollar navy-blue blazer, to bring it down to one hundred and eighty dollars, and khaki’s could be bought with a twenty, and brown shoes cost a little less than a hundred, then this would be the better route to take. All of this was influenced by a coupon that was only for one item.

In 2014, with technology advancing as quick as the seasons fade, an easy online search will, many times more than not, get you the coupon you want for the purpose you seek; whether it be a hotel needed to travel to Moraine Lake in Canada, or to satisfy hunger with the five dollar bill in your hand in between studying. People go to lengths as far as to create binders filled with coupons as though they were collectible trading cars. And in fact, they are traded! There are parties and meetings specifically for that purpose. And, many label those who engage in such practices insane, but they’re not insane. To give my opinion, they’re quite wise. Couponing is not required to embarrass you. In fact, it exemplifies your innermost thoughts of being able to calculate better solutions to achieve your goals. In a separation, one creates the ability to identify two different components. Be separated from ignorance. Don’t harbor the feeling that you reach a point lower than the sea when you pull out a piece of paper that expresses deals on them. I find it better when I save, than when I’m held back from being able to have extra funds to do other things. We’ve all seen, read, and heard about what twenty five cents or a few dollars can do for the hungry, the poor and needy. If you’re a Christian like myself, then you understand that coupons open up a great opportunity to help the poor, and show the love of Christ. And, always remember, the higher amount your purchase, the greater extent your coupon goes. The bigger the purchase, the more the coupon matters. Thirty percent of ten dollars is three dollars. Thirty percent of a thousand dollars is three hundred dollars. Thirty percent of a one hundred thousand dollar purchase is thirty thousand dollars. The refusal to harbor pride leads to greater victory in the end.

When I was younger, I was told that every penny counts. Hey now, one billion pennies add up to one million dollars. 2014 is the perfect time for coupons, because even if only a few coins are saved, once those coins add up to dollar amounts, they can be exchanged for bills in machines. To save money, and be the bit richer is not a bad thing. So, don’t worry you coupon users. Don’t worry money savers. Don’t sweat it ye who desire benefits. Coupon on, and be the more wiser.

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