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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Adan J.

Both of my parents came from family’s that didn’t always had enough money. By the time they were in college they were practically on their own, especially one of them who migrated from México. They went through hard times to get to where they are now. Today we are living pretty well, but still are bothered by debt from student loans, a short sale, and a car payment. We try to spend only what we need or save as much as we can. Coupons have been a great way for us to do so. I can’t recollect much before middle school, but when my parents were in college, just before and when I was, I’m sure they used plenty of coupons to buy essentials such as fresh and healthy food, water, health care products, etc. I know that as I was growing up we used coupons when it was applicable. Now, though, we don’t use coupons as much if ever. Well, my parents don’t. They use some coupons to save some money on smaller items here and there but from what I can see now, they only use coupons for more expensive items or only shop for clearance items and when stuff are on sale. Myself on the hand, will use coupons indefinitely the next few years. Coupons heavily influence my purchasing where as when I get a coupon that I know I can use soon I tend to buy whatever the coupon is for. As a college student, coupons will be, in a figurative sense, life. I know that I will get any coupons I can get my hands, especially when I am out of the house. All the coupons my parents get in the mail will soon be in my hands rather than forgotten in the mail basket. Coupon paper people usually ignore when they walk in or out of the store will no longer be ignored by me any longer. I see myself, and am told, that I am “cheap”. I dont take shame in this, I am a natural saver. I always feel buyer’s remorse when I make a larger purchase and most purchases that I don’t need to make, such as buying a video game. Even though my parents and I don’t use coupons much at the moment, we will continue to use them and be influenced by them for our entire lives. Until we are making more than enough money, coupons will always influence mine and my family’s purchasing decisions.

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