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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Adam W.

Coupons, all say we love them, but the question is, do we? How do they effect your decisions making? Well, I’m writing this to tell you how they effect my decision making, and perhaps we have the same thought process when it comes to coupons, but maybe we don’t and maybe you’re thought of coupons is completely different than mine, and that’s okay, these are my thoughts.

Coupons are all around us today! It’s a bit overwhelming, but is a great place to find coupons with an easy search engine to find exactly what you want.

The way I view coupons is summarized by this quick statement. I love to use them when they come in handy. I use coupons, and I use them because I love to save money, which is important, especially when you’re in college. Yet there’s a part of me that doesn’t like them, I don’t go around the grocery store looking for every item that I have found a coupon for, and there’s a few reasons I don’t do that. First of all I don’t use this method of using coupons, because I don’t need over half of the things that I can find a
coupon for, I don’t necessarily need those hot dogs that I saw a coupon for, I don’t need that shampoo that I can save $0.40 on, that isn’t necessary for me. When it comes to restaurants, I don’t have enough time to use the 40 coupons for 40 different restaurants I have in the week they have left before they go bad. Which leads me to my next point, there are so many coupons in cyber connected world in which we live in today.

We have so many coupons around us, if you want any consumer product you’re likely to find a coupon for it. Yet many of us, myself included don’t actually need to buy all of the items that we have coupons for in the time that we have allowed. And that’s alright, because there’s going to be a new coupon many times, very similar if not the same by the time we need something. They come and go so quickly and flood us with all of these coupons that we can just keep using them.

Now I’ve expressed that I don’t use all of the coupons I have and that I find new coupons when they’re available and I need an item, but how do I really use coupons when I have them, and how do they affect my decision making? Well that’s the best part, they sometimes don’t, and other times they’re crucial in my decision making. I’m sure we all have specific brands that we just don’t deviate from, for me one of those is Heinz, when it comes to ketchup if it’s not Heinz I will not buy it, even if its $2 cheaper, that’s because I decided in my mind that Heinz is the only company that makes ketchup that I actually enjoy, perhaps this closes my mind to discovering a new brand of ketchup that’s better, but I believe that it simply is not going to happen, and don’t give up on Heinz. There are other products however that we don’t have such strong ties to. For me something in this case would be bread, when I’m in the bread section of the grocery store, it doesn’t matter what the label on the bag says as long as it is whole wheat and it’s the cheapest of the whole wheat I will buy it, which is where coupons play a role. If I have a coupon to make a specific brand cheaper than another I will use the coupon and buy the bread that is now the cheapest, because I get the lowest price available on the item. And lastly there is one other way a coupon will change my decision making, for this case lets talk about meat, Angus beef is fantastic, however it is more expensive and often times I cannot justify spending the extra money on the more delicious meat. Yet if I have a coupon that makes the Angus beef closer to the price of the other beef that they store sells, if it’s close enough to the same price I will justify spending a bit more because I was able to save, lets say a $1 off of the price of the Angus beef. This will leave my feeling fulfilled because the Angus beef tastes so much better! This is how my shopping decisions are affected by coupons.

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