I see coupons everywhere I go whether it’s the grocery store or a shopping mall, but how do they influence me? I may not be an extreme coupon that you see on TLC, but I do use them. Now some people use them for everyday shopping, but I am not one of those people. I don’t like to sit around cutting coupons for hours before I go to the grocery store, it’s so boring. I normally just keep an eye on what I am buying so I stay within my budget. I do on the other hand use coupons for bigger purchases like if I get an advertisement in the mail, which by the way is almost every day. I sometimes notice meal coupons that make me want that item so I take the coupon to the restaurant for lunch or dinner and I save a few dollars.

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Coupons can be influence my decision in buying an item tremendously. Take for example I really want a new surround sound system for my house and I don’t want to pay $300 for it. Well Black Friday is too far away so I look online for coupons that the store is offering. I try and normally get at least a 15% discount on a selected item. That’s a savings of $45. I could use that money so many different ways. So why do coupons influence my decision. That’s easy, to save me money so I can spend my hard earned dollar on other things I enjoy to do.

There is such a huge pressure forced upon you to use coupons it can be very overwhelming, sometimes though they are a blessing. Being in a relationship you have to do things with your significant other, but that often means spending a lot of money. I have found that doing a little research on a date idea really pays off. Say for instance you wanted to do something as a couple like ballroom dancing. Places like Groupon offer many of these types of activities and a very low and reasonable price sometimes up to 95% off the item. Going along with this method can really help your relationship. This way you can do a lot more things with your spouse other than just splurging one day it can before for the whole weekend while still saving money. Who wouldn’t want to do that? I know I would in a heartbeat.

Now the question at hand is do coupons influence my purchasing options, why or why not. Of course they do, I am sure that coupons save me thousands every year and some people much more. For that I am thankful. Coupons help people in their daily lives more often than not. A lot of times giving someone dinner that night or providing a child with toys they can cherish. This is a huge reason why coupons are so beneficial.

Sometimes though, coupons are far more hassle than they are worth. Some coupons actually feel like an assault on me intellectually. What is the point of offering me 25 cents of a 20 dollar item I buy? It probably cost more money to print that coupon than it did for someone to use it.  Sometimes you don’t have the time to find coupons for an item. I believe this can be very annoying, especially when I am in a rush and you know the item I am buying it completely overpriced.

Unlike those circumstances where you have to be an item in advance, I try and take the time to find any discount possible for some of my more expensive items, usually around $20 or higher. This helps me buy others I really want. Many people think that coupons are for the poor or they are embarrassing to use, that’s the mark society has put on coupons. That’s not the case for me, the economy can be brutal and sometimes I need help just like many others. So I thank the people who make coupons to allow us to have things we otherwise couldn’t afford.