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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Abby H.

We all know the saying money can’t buy happiness. However, it does make the world go ’round. Well, kinda.  Coupons allow me to keep more money in my pocket. This is very important especially while I’m still in college. I do a lot of my shopping based on what coupons I have available and if I can combine them with a buy-1-get-1(B1G1) promotion. I can save loads of money when I keep an eye out for the right deal!

A local grocery store chain, Publix will allow me to use a coupon for the “free” item in a B1G1 promotion as well as one for the paid item.  I couldn’t believe this deal when I was reading about it so I had to go try it!  I made out like a bandit the first time I combined coupons with B1G1 items. On eight items I only paid, $1.08, for everything! Yes, I said $1.08. I’m not able to do this every time I go to Publix, but I do luck out every few weeks.  Research is how I accomplish this. I check out Publix website for their B1G1 deals and if it’s stuff I need, a coupon hunting I will go. I also save coupons that don’t expire for a while just it shows up in a B1G1 promotion.

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Being able to stack up these coupons allows me to save some money. Most coupons are for brand name products, but store brands are just as good for many items and they are less expensive. When I am able to stack up coupons with the B1G1 deals then it is worth it to me to buy the brand name goods.  I do tend to buy a lot of my groceries as store brand because they are cheaper most of the time, but it does pay to do research and save yourself a pretty penny!

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