Yes, coupons influence my purchasing decision.  They influence my decision because it makes me feel better to buy the product when I can get it cheaper than everybody else.  Coupons make me feel like I have the upperhand and am getting a great deal.  Whenever I hold a one dollar coupon it feels like I am holding a true dollar.  It almost feels like you’re stealing when someone hands you a coupon because it seems like they are just handing out money for no reason.  My grandma loves coupons because she doesn’t have a big income so any extra help can be a huge asset.  When I was little that was my goal every time we went shopping was to find all the coupons the store offered and then try to find the item in the store that matched it.  Most of the time I found what we needed.  It was a fun game when I was little.

Why do I  look for coupons prior to shopping?  I look for coupons prior to shopping because I know that if I can find a coupon for some of the items we need I am doing my part and saving money.  Saving money little by little can add up over time.  This makes me feel like I am doing my part to help out the family. I would look through magazines from the mail just to see if I could find a coupon that I could cut out to give to my mom.  It would be one of my jobs as I grew up.  I felt like a true business man when looking for coupons.

If coupons are never part of your purchasing routine, tell us the reasons why this is the case.  Yes coupons are part of my purchasing routine because I need to save all the money I can now so if I need money in the future I have it.  I don’t like to waste money when I don’t have to, and coupons makes it easier to save conveniently and quickly.  If coupons are not a part of my purchasing routine it is because I am in a rush and don’t have the time to look for coupons before hand.

Are certain barriers preventing you from using coupons while purchasing products?  Sometimes there are barriers while purchasing products because sometimes my mom is use to a certain brand and doesn’t want to switch just because we have a coupon.  Another barrier would be when you have a coupon and keep it until you need the product but it expires before my mom or I get to use it.  At those times it feels like I missed an opportunity to save money.

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Does your decision to purchase a product ever hinge on the possession of a coupon for that item?  Yes, the decision to purchase a product does hinge on the possession of the coupon.  Sometimes, I will find a coupon and my mom and I don’t use it because we don’t want to be slowed down at the cash register.  It usually happens when we are in a rush to get somewhere or it has been a long day.  We figure that the cash register person doesn’t want to mess around putting coupons in the system.  We also don’t use coupons when a line is big behind us when we check out and we feel rushed to leave the store.  I don’t feel right to slow down all those people because they probably have places to go and people to see.

I think most people who don’t use coupons don’t want to because they feel cheap.  They don’t want to come off as poor or unable to pay.  They get caught up in what people may or may not think of them rather than how they can save money.  Peer pressure can affect anyone to make decisions that they do or do not like.   They think it is all about image.  As I grow up I hope I get in the habit of using coupons on a regular basis.  They can help me as I have more responsibility and more to pay for later in life like car, house, college, and family.  Couponing can be a fun game for me as an adult because I will be saving my own money and not my parents money.  I realize that every dollar counts in a tight budget and couponing can loosen some of the stress that life can bring upon me.